Martyn had only been playing out just a few months when his friends noticed that his mixes were extremely pleasing to the ear. Martyn started out with playing mainly commercial edged house regularly in several bars in his hometown but after mixing in the many styles of house he found his feet with Progressive House being his number 1 choice.

Martyn was instantly fascinated with the feedback and reactions from his friends and followers and spent many hours creating fresh new mixes one after the other. Martyn never tried to get caught up in a specific subgenre of house, but wanted to keep the mixes up to date and innovative. His mixes and tune selection are influenced and inspired by the likes of Avicii, Steve Angello, Fedde Le Grand with also the likes of John Dahlback, Dirty South & Hardwell. Martyn has been very lucky over the past few years to play along side some of the biggest names in the game such as Kim Fai, Michael Woods, Thomas Gold, Funkagenda & Mason to name a few at his residency for Swindon based Love Love.

Martyn’s sole aim is to create an atmosphere for people to enjoy over and over again, whether it is at home or a live set in a dark crowded nightclub, Martyn aims to please. Martyn puts great emphasis on building his sets throughout and wants to appeal to the listeners of many different house music genres. Martyn has appeared in many other clubs away from his hometown of Swindon in cities such as London’s very own Ministry Of Sound, Reading, Bristol, Southampton, Bath and Birmingham where he played at AIR, the home of Godskitchen.

Martyn in 2012 means to bring killer chunky euphoric styled Progressive House combined with some high-energy Trance driven moments bringing a new style to the scene.

Martyn is The Sound Of Now.

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